11 Things All Women Do But Never Admit

11 Things All Women Do But Never Admit

These are the acts which we women often perform but don’t admit. They may appear bizarre, but they are true.

Guys, are you aware?

We, women, like to look at other women. We admire their hairstyle, makeup, or even their shoes. We’d probably try that ponytail style next time we go out.

2. Shamelessly stalk crush.

We might fall in trouble if we accidentally ‘like’ their sister’s boyfriend’s picture from 32 weeks ago, but it’s totally worth it. Hey, if we’re going to cyberstalk our crush, better be thorough in it.

3. Size of boobs.

We might say we don’t care, but we do. Honestly, we also love to wear push-up bras sometimes to get that ‘oomph’ factor!

4. Pretend you’re the ‘cool’ girlfriend.
4. Pretend you're the 'cool' girlfriend. 
You want to be a ‘cool’ girlfriend, but you really do love him. You may not be jealous if he goes out without you but you’d never shy away from planning a romantic date with him.

5. Check yourself out in the mirror.

You want to try everything from your wardrobe before the mirror.

6. Accidentally dropping food in your cleavage.

It happens to every girl and it’s totally an accident. But there’s an odd thing about people looking at you when you find food crumbs in your clothes when you’re outside your home.

7. Daydream about crush.

You don’t even realise how hours pass by, but you’ve already named your children that you would be hypothetically having with him.

8. Sing loudly in the shower.

Hell, no one is home, so why not?

9. Try on different kinds of makeup.

You’ve probably watched about a hundred YouTube tutorials on how to get the perfect eye makeup. Here’s your chance to try it.

10. Watch cute cat videos.

Yes, we’ve all done it. We probably can’t stop ‘aww-ing’ after, but it’s worth it.

11. Practice dramatic movie scenes in front of the mirror.

You hold the hairbrush in your hand as a mike and start. But it’s so much fun.

Source: wittyfeed