List of Lite apps that saves your mobile data

List of Lite apps that saves your mobile data

With the rise of Android and data hungry apps, it is indeed difficult to restrict Internet data charges under a certain budget. For the past few years, the Internet service providers continuously increasing prices of data packs and limiting data usage available to users.

However, the entire scenario has been changed. Thanks to Reliance Jio for this much-needed revolution in the telecom sector. However, it is not good to spend so much of data for apps especially the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and much more. Knowing this, the company itself launched the ‘Lite’ version of the app that you can use data limitedly, We have listed some apps that you can install on your phone to limit Internet usage.

Facebook Lite

This app uses less data by compressing the images, won’t show GIF files and other features. Moreover, you cannot play video as well in this app, as it drains more data. You can use this app on slower connections also in 3G.

Messenger Lite

Facebook also launched Messenger Lite app for those who want to limit their data usage. This lite version is same as the main, where you can use it for Texting and attaching images. Also, the stickers on the Lite is limited to Like. Additionally, you cannot do audio and video call in this version.

Twitter Lite

While the main Twitter takes lots of data, you can switch on to Twitter Lite. You can do that by visiting from a mobile web browser to go to the redesigned site. This won’t show you the images and videos as you need to tap them to view.

Skype Lite

Skype is another app, that drains your data a lot for video calls. This Lite app consumes much lesser data comparatively by giving you the same features. It actually compresses the video and audio during the process.


Instagram, which is the best photo sharing app consumes lots and lots of data by playing videos, stories and much more. You can change this by going to Profile > Options > Cellular Data Use and switch to Use Less Data. With this, the photo will be displayed in low quality and the videos will play only if you tap on it.

Source: gizbot